"What Happened Miss Simone?" nominated at the Grammy Awards and the Oscars

Watch TONIGHT the Grammy Awards (Feb. 15, 2016):


In 1976, Nina Simone gave a comeback concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival—perhaps her finest, strangest performance ever—and then disappeared again. 40 years later, these striking images (18 min.) reappear in the documentary "What Happened, Miss Simone?" by Liz Garbus, who has just been nominated for an Oscar in 2016!

"This documentary would not have been the same without these pictures" Thierry Amsallem

"This year’s Academy Award nominations have been criticized for ignoring black actors, films about minorities and the work of female directors. This documentary about the high priestess of soul, is one of the few examples of the Oscars being neither too white nor male." New York Times: "Netflix and Blizzard: What to Watch During the Storm"

Watch live the Oscars (Feb. 28, 2016):



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